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Welcome to Immortal Hacker!

Immortal Hacker is a hacking simulation that is browser based. The objective of the game is to hack as many other people's accounts while not being hacked yourself. There are also tools which you can buy from your game credits that you make from hacking others. These tools help you hack faster and even makes hacking more fun! When you are hacked, you can always reset your account (10 credits per reset). The reset also decreases your defense level to 1. You can learn what a defense level is as well other terms and need to know things to play the game below. The game will have game period which means that you have a certain amount of time (usually one month) to hack the most accounts than anyone else.

Since this is just a beta, there are still many improvements and extras we hope to add! If you have any suggestions or problems please let us know: Contact Us

Currently 190 Members 

Basic Game Guide:

To login, type in your username and password to the left. You are taken to your profile. First let me explain what everything is:

Status: This is tells you if someone is trying to hack your account or has hacked your account. If your status says something other than "safe" or "hacked", you can stop the person from hacking you buy clicking "Stop Hacking Process (Change Pass)".

Credits: The money in the game. You first start out with 100 credits.

Def. Level: Improve this by clicking on "Upgrade Defense LeveI". You want to always make sure to upgrade when possible because it makes it harder for other players to hack you.

Hacked Accounts: This totals the amount of people you have hacked.

Log Out: Make sure to ALWAYS log out once you are done playing for the day because this protects your account from hackers until you log back in.

Buy Tools: The tool area has tools that make hacking others easier.

How To Hack:

To hack someone you just need to click "Hack An Account". Then click the user you want to hack. You are know viewing that person's profile. Take a look at their Def. Level. The higher the Def. Level, the more money you can make (for more info on what each Def. Level has to offer, click "Other Levels" on your private page). To hack that person's account, click "Hack This Account". The rest will explain itself.

Rules and Copyright Guidelines:

1. No hacking outside of the game.
2. No cheating. This means you can't skip or try to skip parts of the game or anything else that is considered cheating.

Copyright Guidelines:
1. No taking graphics from the game and publishing it without giving credit to the original author (me).
2. No codes or scripts may be taken from the game without permission.
3. No direct ideas may be taken and used from the game without permission.