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I love making things, especially when they make life more enjoyable.


Ed-tech startup that answers this question: What if students could receive personalized and trusted mentorship for important life questions instantly?

Form Squirrel

Filling out online forms can be painful. Form Squirrel is a bookmarklet that helps you easily and securely collaborate and save online application progress.


I mostly photograph wildlife, landscapes, and architecture. But, I've been working on expanding into people-centric shots. Check out my work below.


I'm a huge fan of mixing cocktails (and attempting to do it with style). My favorites include Mai Tais and Gin & Tonics. My top cocktail specs are coming soon!

photo highlights

Some photos highlighted from my past excursions.

Zion Sunrise

Jerusalem, Israel

Temple Girls

Doi Suthep, Thailand

Ben Yahuda Street

Jerusalem, Israel

The Getty

Los Angeles, California

Beit She'an

Beit She'an, Israel

Super Trees

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore