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MPC  Tornado Facts

tornadomapWhat is a Tornado? A tornado is funnel shaped cloud that spins around violently up to speeds of 300 miles per hour. It can suck objects up and then throw them high into the air. The diameter of a tornado can be about a few feet and a mile. Tornadoes usually pass through to the northeast path (depending on the wind) at speeds up to 20-60 m.p.h.

Cool Fact: April is the worst month for tornadoes

What Causes a Tornado? It usually starts with two winds coming together in very high speeds. Up-and-down winds at different levels of the atmosphere provide for the updraft and cause the arrangement of the tornado's feature funnel shape.

Where do Tornadoes Occur? The circumstances that lead to the structure of tornadoes are the majority often meeting in the middle and southern U.S. Where warm and humid air come from the Gulf of Mexico and collides with cold dry air from the Rockies and Canada. This region, dubbed the title “tornado alley," extends approximately from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians, and commencing Iowa and Nebraska to the Gulf of Mexico.

TornadoWhat Type of Damage Can Tornadoes Cause? The Fujita level classifies tornadoes according to the obliteration they cause. Approximately one half of all tornadoes come into the F1 or the restrained damage rank. These tornadoes get to speeds of 73-112 M.P.H. and can topple automobiles and portable homes, rip off the roofs of houses, and pull up trees. Only about one percent of tornadoes are come as F5, causing unbelievable damage. Through wind speeds can reach up to 261 m.p.h. These tornadoes have the capability of lifting houses off the ground and will toss them large distances.

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